Healing Womb Pillow

Healing Womb Pillow

This versatile 2 in 1: WOMB & EYE pillow is your next best friend.


Made here in Melbourne, Australia from 100% organic cotton fabric, ingredients, made with the upmost care, thought and infused with botanicals, healing crystals and essential oils known, to amplify the HEALING aches and pains for your womb, eyes and anywhere else your body may needs healing. 


Use with the Moon Cycle Bar to amplify your healing and ritual practice. 


A perfect COMBINATION to complement your daily meditation, beauty and/or ritual as it helps heal and assist your aches and pains away. 


An AWAKEN and ZEN-inducing organic handmade soft eye pillow, filled with organic infused wheat, rose and clear quartz chunks and a sprinkle of dry plant allies, designed to RELEASE eye, facial or womb tension that are known to calm and relieve, not only your mind but any body part that needs some extra attention and your auric field. 


Use as is OR


Place into the oven on low heat for up to 5-10 minutes to warm or place into fridge or freezer for a little longer to RELIVE puffy eyes, a bump or tired MUSCLES. 


BIGGER than your average eye pillow and the perfect size for placing into your knickers when the moon cycle pains ARISE. 


100% Organic Wheat and flax Seed 

100% Organic cotton inner (non washable, spot clean and dry if needed)

100% Cotton outer (cold hand wash and light iron) 

Rose Quartz 

Clear Quartz 

Plant Allies infused in Essential Oils 


Infused Plant Allies 

Cinnamon, Clove, Lime, Sweet Orange 


Infused Plant Allies 

Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Cederwood


Fabric will vary from picture, selection of Fabrics can be selected upon ordering and what is in stock at time. 


2 week turn Made to order.