Time for Tea

Time for Tea

So, do you like tea or do you LOVE it.


If the answer was LOVE, then this package may just be for you, or someone sepcial in your life.


Packaged in a beautiful wooden carved reusable box, this gift is packed with plant botanicals for the tea lovers taset buds and best of all it also comes with a pot of liquid gold,  Holly Cottage unrefined raw organic honey, a free spoon, strainer and reusable glass vessles that have an air tight wooden lid.


Offer includes:


Sleepy Tea aka Dream a-lil Dream is a light refreshing blend to assist with reducing anxiety and foster relaxation before bedtime or when you need a little extra Zen in your day.


Cleanse My Body - Are you feeling like you need a cleanse for your whole body...Well this tea is for you then. Full of beneficial botanicals and vitamins this tea can assist the body with cleansing toxins and helping by reducing bloating while also tasting delicious. The spicy and sweet keynotes of Cinnamon, berry notes from Honeybush, anise-sweetness from Licorice Root and roasty coffee undertones from Dandelion Root, decorated with Rose and Calendula petals.


Immune Shield - Just a few of my favourite botanicals: Ginger the anti-inflammatory fighter. Lemongrass the Bacteria-fighter. Antioxidizing licorice root. Blood-purifying Fennel Seed. Mind, body and Soul-stimulating ashwagandha root. Skin-nourishing Calendula Petals. This immune-boosting super-tea will nourish your body, mind and soul as it fights off cold and flu symptoms.


Unrefined Raw Organic Honey – This small batch honey is harvest by hand is small batches from the hills of the Dandenong ranges, where the bees hives have an organic pesticide free home to roam and forage from plant botanicals that have been planted to enhance the flavour of the honey but most of all create and save the bees of Australia. Holly Cottage is home to 8 beehives and creates over 10,0000 new bees a year. The honey has been harvest using old fashioned harvesting tools and ways, and has not been modified or heat treated therfore making the honey is 100% pure.


Strainer – to use to strain your favourite blend of herbs.


Wooden Spoon – to pour your delicious honey into your favourite vessel.


Wooden Box – reuse after you are done with your tea.


All glass jars are reusable, with a wooden airtight lid.


Wrapped beautifully for you or a special someone. 


Package Value $159



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