Goddess Smudge Wand

Goddess Smudge Wand

This extra-large bundle will see to it, that it offers you a few smudges. Not only clearing the way and saying goodbye to bad juju, it’s mixture of organic botanicals also inhives in love, abundance, healing, growth and wisdom.


Botanical Goddess smoke bundles are all grown from seed, to plant, to creation.


Each bundle is made up of a mixture of organically grown, pesticide, hormone free botanicals and herbs, grown here in Melbourne, Australia.


With sustainability and ethical practices in mind, they are uniquely created especially for you which include some of the following plant allies:


Grandfather White Sage










Garden Sage

Clary Sage





And seasonal flowers such as, paper daisy, hydrangea, thistle, roses, and so much more.


Each bundle is adorned with crystal that is intuitively selected for you at the time of purchase.


Handcrafted with love and intention to assist and support you, amplifying your personal cleansing ritual, self and aura, through the sacredness of plant medicine, intuition and spiritual practices. Purifying you space and self, whilst bringing in sacred practices used for millennia with your very own tailor-made bundle.


Powerfully charged ready to help you heal, offering support, love and guidance whenever you connect to it.


You’ll be able to draw on your delightful piece to cultivate love, protection and abundance whilst manifesting your dreams and desires into fruition.


Made with love. Wrapped with Intention. Sound bathed and blessed under the full moon raising its frequency, ready to intertwine with your energy once it reaches your home.


Please note: No bundle is ever the same and will not always look like the one pictured.


Smudge bundles are chosen intuitively by each order and will reflect what your guides and my guides are letting me know you need at that time.


Each bundle is unique in its own way and made with the same care, love and passion.


Reiki charged. Blessed by Shamanic practices. Soundbathed by crystals bowls, raising its frequency. Packed in plant material and love, awaiting to greet you as you open your gift.


Please note you can now select an option to have or not have Granfather White Sage within your bundle.


However please also note that the seeds I have grown my own Granfather White Sage from were gifted to me from an Elder many years ago, that took years to get to where they are, and were blessed and gifted to me with the intention to grow and make my own healing tools. 


Length 25-30cm 4-7cm Width