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Stocking Filler For The Soul

Stocking gifts for the SOUL. ⁣

I loved ALICE in Wonderland as a child and at 40, I still do. ⁣

Follow the White Rabbit
🐇down the chimney and invite your sense to ENJOY these vials of burning resins and botanicals. ⁣

Like the Botanical Goddess SIGNATURE loose leaf deconstructed smudge blend. ⁣

Paired with FRANKINCENSE, PALO Santo, Lavender and WHITE SAGE. Randomly selected by the spirit of ALICE when packed: 2 vials per gift PLUS a 5gram Taste tester of the Signature blend. ⁣

Magnifying the presence of this ceremony is a powerful point of CLEAR QUARTZ offering its crystal-clear energy whilst you burn your resins on the free charcoal disc. ⁣


Offering consists of


1 x Signature Blend Dust 5gm

1 x Clear Quartz Rough Point Crystal

selection of TWO vials only of either

1 x Frankincense 10gm

1 x Palo Santo 10gm

1 x Lavender 10gm

1 x White Sage 10gm

1 x Charcoal Disc

1 x Alice in Wonderland Reusable Bag

(does not include wooden spoon)


Delightfully wrapped in Holiday cheer with a dash of Botanical Goddess goodness.