Sea Dreaming

Sea Dreaming

Can you hear the Sea God's and Goddesses’ calling...


I know I can... Dropping into the water element and frequency of the sea, this wreath was created with the whispers of the sea and mermaid energy.


Mermaids represent, fertility renewal and feminine energy.


Aphrodite medicine came to mind when creating this wreath for she also holds the energy of, Venus and is the Goddess of the sea herself.


Shells represent, Goodluck, fortune. birth and feminine energy.


It's fair to say that with the wispy florals of this wreath you can see and feel the feminine powers just by looking at it. Call upon its energy when you need that extra power and stamina to get through a rough patch, a negative feeling or simply when you are feeling high AF and want to hold onto that power a little longer.


The Clear Quartz crystal accelerates all that comes and goes from tis wreath and will help you see things more clearly.


33cm wreath


Each wreath designed, created and crafted by Snezana is unique in their own way, and there are never two alike. They are all created with meaning, purpose, thought, love and a deep passion and reverence. 


Please keep wreath out of direct sunlight. 


All botanicals are air dried naturally with no chemicals or nasty sprays.


Flowers will fade a little overtime, but this is the look and feeling Botanical Goddess is going for as it is the gentle reminder of how pretty botanicals can look after they have been harvest.

Christmas isn’t the only time to hang wreaths on the wall, but wouldn’t you love this wreath for yourself or someone special. I know I would. 



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