Save My Salve

Save My Salve

Nothing but goodness from mother earth, plant botanicals, passion, love and ritual.


This salve is so balmy its unsure whether it’s a salve or balm or both in one.


Slow infused olive oil merged with plant material of Chickweed, Rose, Yarrow & Calendula, It'll help sooth sore itchy skin, decrease fine lines and make any part of your body feel as smooth as a baby’s bee-hind.


Each plant ally has been grown from seed and nurtured into plant, organically, pesticide free and harvest at its optimum time to capture not only the essence of the flower spirit but most importantly the medicine from each plant.


Slow infused over 6 months and charged under each full moon and new moon that passed over the infusion cycle of its creation, harnessing each phase’s energy and powers.


Even the beeswax come from our Mumma bear's home where 8 beehives call home and live very happily. The wax is then rendered down and enzymes and propolis can be found within your salve, skin and body.



**Olive Oil, *Beeswax, *Rose, *Yarrow, *Calendula, *Chickweed, **Coconut Oil.

* Organically grown, harvest and infused by Botanica Goddess

** Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil

** Small traces of Organic Cold Pressed Coconut oil