Sacred Botanical Bundle w Palo Santo

Sacred Botanical Bundle w Palo Santo

This bundle is pure divine sacredness, paired with sweet smelling scent of Palo Santo.


Grown from seed, to plant, to creation. Each Botanical Goddess bundle has been grown organically, pesticide free, growth hormone free with no nasties.


Plant allies used for this creation are: Thuja aka Cedar, Lavender, Rosemary. 


Divinely finished off with a chunk of Palo Santo and Clear Quartz point: this bundle will last you awhile and can be used together or kept separately. No matter how you use it, each plant ally can be called upon and its essence used for clearing, cleansing and protection as you clear you space and aura and call in all your manifestations and desires.


Palo Santo - Peru ethically sourced. 


Sustainably harvested, created and ethically made in Peru. Botanical Goddess prides itself in sourcing from families and businesses that foster and follow sustainability and support families who are ethically creating their products and not mass produced for the markets. Botanical Goddess only works with suppliers who utilize ethical, fair trade and sustainable practices. Botanical Goddess is forever grateful and honoured to work with smaller family run businesses, helping their community and keeping the work within the community.