Rose Quartz Rough Generators

Rose Quartz Rough Generators

These Rose Quartz generators are great for calling in Love, unconditional love, forgiveness and kindness not only for yourself but for others to. Use them in your meditation practice, for your own healing or have them placed near or on your bed side table.


ROSE QUARTZ is known for its properties and powers of: Love - Kindness - Tenderness - Compassion⁣ - Forgiivness - Unconditional Love best known fir it's healing powers in heartache, forgiveness and attracting new love. It opens up your heart aiding in forgiveness and compassion and helps clear stored anger.


Rose Quartz is also known for assisting in fertility, increasing confidence, creativity and expression. It reminds us to be tender and kind with ourselves and can be placed on the chest to help while meditating, opening the heart chakra helping it to heal from within. This crystal helps you feel content and can be used as a bath companion, placing it nearby while bathing will bring in unconditional love and inner peace. Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra helping it heal and open.⁣


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