Ritual Candle

Ritual Candle

Ritual candles have been used for centuries, calling on their powers like PROSPERITY, LOVE and calling ANCESTORS.

Beeswax holds a very key part to this whole old worldly ritual, for their frequency and vibration amplifies the candle and energy of each drop of golden liquid and wax that they produce.

Infusing each candle with intention, power and spell work is something I only do in small batches for each candle takes a-lot of energy and work crafting, creating and setting each candles intention, botanical work and quite frankly is the most fiddly job I create, in a good way of course.

LOVE ~ calling upon self love, unconditionally love and forgiveness for others and yourself. Infused with rose quartz, rose and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Spirit Communication ~ Whether you call upon your ancestors in this lifetime or other realms they will hear your call clearer as the Mugwort open all gateways for you to meet together as one. Infused with Labradorite and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Prosperity and Abundance ~ working hard for your money or not working at all... And want the universe to hear your prayers for the cash flow, luck and abundance to flow in. Call upon the Cinnamon to bring in opportunities, success, luck and abundance within your life. Infused with Cirtine and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Clearing ~ Calling upon Grandfather White Sage to clear the path and road ahead, taking away all negativity, ill thoughts from self and others, clearing your space and soul for new thoughts and adventures to come.


Always use a fireproof dish. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Large Burn Time 7-12 hours

Medium Burn Time 4-7 hours


Candles may vary slightly in appearance from picture but are all set and made with the same intent, ritual and magic.


Candle burn time may vary due to drafts and personal use.


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