Personalised Sacred Smudge

Personalised Sacred Smudge

Are the Plant Spirits calling your name?


Have you been thinking of cleansing and using a sacred bundle to deeper your connection to self, plants and nurturing your “seeds of desire” while bringing them into fruition.


Then why not have your very own Custom Made Botanical Goddess bundle, crafted, selected and created: just for you. 


You’ll receive a personalised report of each plant ally, and why it was called to be used within your bundle.


What messages have come from the above, the plant alies, and a personalised card reading from the divine and your guides. 


Each bundle lasts up to, if not more that 6-8 burns and will be decorated with an intuitively selected crystal. 

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks from the order date. 


Depending on what season you order your divine creation may need, another 2-3 weeks until its ready to be fully dry and burnt. 


HOWEVER in saying this, your bundle will and can be used, even when not in use aka being burnt as each plant ally will be working for you and have your back, from the minute its selected for you, from my home grown pesticide free organic garden. 


REIKI charged 
Blessed by SHAMANIC prayer 
Made with LOVE 
Grown and cultivated ORGANICALLY 
Harvest at highest VIBRATION 
Grown from SEED 
NURTURED into plant 
Lovingly created into SACRED offerings 
In HONOUR and RESPECT within each step of its creation. 
With deep passion, REVERENCE, sovereignty and permission.