Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Palo Santo known as Holy Wood has been used for many years by the Native American tribes for its healing, cleansing and medicinal uses. We are forever blessed to be able to offer this ethically sourced wood for your nest ceremony.


The sweet scent fills your hoe and soul as it blesses, cleanses and protects yourself and your objects, just as any sacred smoke would. 


There are three sizes to offer: thin, medium an thick. 


Listing is for 1 stick of size choice. 


Sustainably harvested, created and ethically made in Peru. Botanical Goddess prides itself in sourcing from families and businesses that foster and follow sustainability and support families who are ethically creating their products and not mass produced for the markets. Botanical Goddess only works with suppliers who utilize ethical, fair trade and sustainable practices. Botanical Goddess is forever grateful and honoured to work with smaller family run businesses, helping their community and keeping the work within the community.