New Moon Guidance with the Spirit of Ceremonial Cacao

New Moon Guidance with the Spirit of Ceremonial Cacao

Each New Moon is unique, in its own way offering its own magic governed by the astrological energy it falls within each month.


Our lives are full of potential in this powerful time, as the Moon meets the Sun in the sky, we begin a new Lunar Cycle.


Humans have stood in awe of the Moon for centuries. 


She is beautiful, mysterious, and magical. She also marks the halfway point from one New Moon to another. 


So why not use her powers with myself and get a card selected for you intuitively, assisting you under the New Moon approaching. 


I will shuffle a deck and place 3 cards out for you, which you'll then select the card, 1, 2 or 3.(please comment in notes at checkout which card you'd like to be selected for you)


An email will be sent to you with the theme of the current new moon. 


A little personalised ritual, that you’ll be able to use for your own new moon ritual within its powerful phase. 


A Creative & Inspirational dose of Ceremonial Cacao, which will be delivered to your house before the new moon with instructions of its use and power. 


The meaning of your selected card, and how it can assist you in this time. The message and guidance will be from your intuition and guides put together within the cosmos, that has been energetically chosen for you to hear at that specific time. 


5-7 days is the usual energy field, that you can use either way of the moon phase, before or after for any rituals and ceremonies. 


Ceremonial Cacao calls you to work with her ancient spirit to deepen your awareness of your connection to earth, the cosmos, assisting you to open your heart and third eye charka in meditation, ritual use and ceremony. 


Package Offering 

Oracle Card Guidance Reading (via email) 

New Moon Ritual (via email) 

New Moon Guidance (via email) 

Creative & Inspirational Dose of Ceremonial Cacao 28g

Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste 100% Whole Bean Criollo Nativo

(post to your desired address Australia wide ONLY )


Disclaimer - Snezana is trained in Ceremonial Cacao, however precaution should always be taken. Please note that Ceremonial Cacao can affect people who are on meditation such as anti-depressants, and heart medication, if unsure please ask your doctor before you drink if you are unsure. When purchasing this package please know that you are also accepting the fact: that you are ok and authorising Snezana from Botanical Goddess to offer this mixture to you, at your own desire. 


These readings are to assist your journey, filled with guidance from the energy, cards and light coded by Snezana, spirit, guides and vibrational frequencies within the universe from you to Snezana, in the ethers and frequencies you share. Intuitive Reading and Moon Messages are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as infinite.


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