Medicinal Moon Cycle Bar

Medicinal Moon Cycle Bar

These last few years I’ve noticed I have been getting more cramps, pain and bed “write-off” days when my MOON cycle hits.


So I did the best thing I know how, and took to my apothecary and started INFUSING my dear plant allies of LAVENDER, Russian COMFREY, YARROW and CHICKWEED and set out to make a balm, oil or tincture for these pains, and this is what I was guided to create.


These are large enough and fit right into your PALM, as you softly rub the medicine from each plant ally onto your WOMB space.


Each plant ally has HEALING properties for your womb and can be used as FREQUENTLY as you like or as little as possible.


This bar is DESIGNED to melt at body temperature. Can be stored in the fridge or next to your bed side. And most of all, can be USED even when your moon cycle is on stand by.


Yarrow ~ relieves pain and discomfort.

Russian Comfrey ~ anti-inflammatory and promotes healing inside and out.

Lavender ~ calming and relaxing.

Chickweed ~ soothing and cooling.


Slow cold infused oils of avocado, coconut and olive oil in organically grown plant allies that have been grown pesticide free here in the gardens of Botanical Goddess.


Harvest by hand and air dried before being infused over a three month period to then be crafted into a warm infusion of home foraged beeswax and Shea butter.



6cm in diamater 

  • Ingredients

    *Persea Americana, *Olea Europaea, *Cocos Nucifera, *Yarrow, *Russian Comfrey, *Lavender, *Chickweed, *Butyrospermum Parkii, *Beeswax *Certified Organic.