Mary Magdalene Conjunct Venus and Mars

Mary Magdalene Conjunct Venus and Mars

This MEDICINE is powerful and POTENT, held not only by my own essence, knowledge and healing but also by the DIVINE FEMININE ~ The Cosmic Egg but also by Mary MAGDALENE that was gridded last night, under the LOVERS of Venus and Mars.

The COSMIC egg ~ holds the DIVINE feminine and offers us the message of: the universe is within us ALL. And that we are indeed the FORCE of an ever~expanding love.

Mary MAGDALENE ~ holds the powers and frequencies of linking us between HEAVEN and EARTH and that we are here having a human experience which should be held in SOVEREIGNTY.

These DIVINE vials are a @botanical_goddess limited edition for they were made under the aspects of the VENUS alignment with Mars in Leo.

There is one made with Grain Free Alcohol ~ And one is made from Organic Coconut Apple Cider.

The invitation for REBIRTH, AWAKENING and the DIVINE as you call upon your own ANCESTORS as Blue Lotus takes you on a INNER and OUTTER journey as you’re covered in LOVE and protection of the Rose and all its facades she holds for us, that will be a different experience.


Blue Lotus offers you Apomorphine + Nuciferine compounds which enlighten happy and euphoric feeling as you drop into a calm state of mind, body, soul and spirit. 


LIMITED EDITION, these will need one more week in CEREMONY and will be sent out to you after the ceremony is closed.


Rose + Blue Lotus - Grain free Alcohol and/or Organic Coconut Apple Cider


Please select which medium youd like in options. 30ml