I Put A Spell On You

I Put A Spell On You

This vessel is full of magick, tools and ancient spell words and plant allies to assist you create, your very own spell and magickal experience.


Fill your vessel with the provided magickal ingredients that are all provided in your vessel to begin with. After your ritual and spell is complete, add into the vessel provided and place it onto your altar for extra power and manifesting needs.


Vessel Contains:

Vial of Magick - 20g - Complete Spell

Botanicals & Resins 

Spell Work

Ritual Candle - Medium 6-8 hour burn time 

Anointing Oil - 20ml


Ceramic Pentagram Holder

Charcoal Disc x 2

Reusable Glass Jar with Cork Lid


Each Spell Vial creates up to 4-5 spells


Valued $89


Spell Vials & Magickal Correspondences


Love: A vial to call in love & help ope your heart, offering forgiveness for self & others. Whilst offering you a new perspective and unconditional love.


Abundance: Clearing stagnant old energy from yourself, others and your space, calling in new energy for your being and surroundings.


Protection: Calling on your inner fire, knowing and wisdom as your spirit calls itself home.


Clearing: A gentle blend to clear and cleanse your space and self, calling on rechargeable fresh energy as it awakens your higher-self, as your soul, self and spirit meet as one. Only allowing in, what is best for your journey ahead.


Healing: As you realign your chakras with ancient herbs and resins. You'll open up your heart allowing the ebb and flow of life, as a deep forgiveness washes over you and allows you to heal from deep within.


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