Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup has been used in our family for many years now, and is just one of the many traditional remedies we've grown up with in the European household and culture.

This nurturing folk remedy and method has been passed down from Baka aka Grandma - to Mumma -  to Daughter AND now to you. 


I used to shy away from our “smelly weird foods, fermented ways and things you do when you are sick” as my childhood name calling days, were tainted with that line from the Wog Boys “ Wog girl, wog girl what’s for lunch a salami sandwich.” And here at nearly 41 I am forever grateful for it all, and wish I was more inclined to know ALL the how’s and why’s of just about everything we grew up with.


This syrup will be prepared under the Equinox, so not only will it be infused with deep reverence, power and sovereignty, it truly is a must with the season changes and WINTER fast approaching, I’ve also only just been able to harvest a heap of berries after three years a full blossoming elderberry bush that the bird, possums and other berry eating creatures didn’t beat me to it. 


As many of you may already know elderberries health benefits are known as an antioxidant, antiviral and anthocyanin which is known by clearing the body of free radicals that damage cells at the DNA level. Easing common colds, aches and pains, is great as a immune boosting extra and can be taken regurally. 


Paired with the other Plant allies of: 


*Ginger = Soothing, relives aches and pains and assists with congestion. 


*Rosehips = Potent Vitamin C for the whole body, immune building, and restorative properties.


*Honey = Antiviral, Antimicrobial, bacteria fighting, sooting, nourishing and assists children and adults in easing the pains with its sweetness as the honey assist mix the flavours together.

(Please note raw honey can upset some younger children and is recommend to not be given to children under the age of 1) 


**Clove = Antibacterial, antioxidant


**Cinnamon = warming spice that is known to fight versus and infections, antioxidant and immune boosting properties.


The Botanical Goddess Syrup Ingredients are as follows: 300ml Vessel 


*Organically Grown Australian Elderberries, *Unrefined Raw Honey from our Beehives, *Filtered Rain Water, *Ginger, **Cinnamon and **Cloves and *Rosehips.


*Organically grown & harvest 

**Organically sourced 


Pre order your Syrup TODAY online NOW so you don’t miss out, and/or PAIR it with the Elderberry tincture as you mix and match your immune fighting allies together. 


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As mentioned this remedy will be made over the Equinox and has a shelf-life of 2 months after bing opened. It needs to be kept in the fridge and can be taken daily or as needed for the two months of its cycle after the vessel has been opened.