Deluxe Bath Goddess Package

Deluxe Bath Goddess Package

This is the holy grail of all gifts for the inner Goddess you call upon and seek, reminding you to adjust your crwon and treat yourself like the Queen that you are.


Handcarved wooden trough, to adorn your bath, room or kitchen table with fruits, soaps, crystals or plants, reagdless what way you use it you will have a little bit of tree medicine within your home and atristan workmanship to gaze and appreacite.


Package includes:


Hand carved Wooden Trough


Goddess Botanical Wand a extra large bundle of organically grown plant allies to clear and cleanse your home, space and self whikst inviting in manifestion powers of love, abundace and protection.


Bath Blend "Open my heart"


Bath Blend "Awakening" with a gifted wooden scoop and loofah


Calling on your Heart Chakra and bringing it into alignment, with your higher self-allowing love, self-love, forgiveness and acceptance of self and others, adorned with a Rose Quartz crystal.


Awakening - has keynotes of Lemon, Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense and Bergamot.


Plant allies of: Rose, Blue Lotus and Chickweed calling on your Crown and Third eye Chakra, aligning your higher self with desires and dreams for your highest good. adorned with a Chevron Amethyst or Clear Quartz crystal.


Ritual Candle of each blend with a free ceramic candle holder


LOVE ~ calling upon self-love, unconditionally love and forgiveness for others and yourself. Infused with rose quartz, rose and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Spirit Communication ~ Whether you call upon your ancestors in this lifetime or other realms they will hear your call clearer as the Mugwort open all gateways for you to meet together as one. Infused with Labradorite and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Prosperity and Abundance ~ working hard for your money or not working at all... And want the universe to hear your prayers for the cash flow, luck and abundance to flow in. Call upon the Cinnamon to bring in opportunities, success, luck and abundance within your life. Infused with Cirtine and set with sacred magic, reiki energy and set with intent.


Clearing ~ Calling upon Granfather White Sage to clear the path and road ahead, taking away all neagtivty, ill thoughts from self and others, clearing your space and soul for new thoughts and adventures to come.


Anointing Oil, One of each blend to call upon whichevrr blend at whatevr desirred time to have at your fingertips.




A mixture of botanicals like Yarrow, Skullcap, Thyme and Mullein all calling in on your powers within, inviting your higher self to give permission to the sacred herbs and flowers inviting the Carnelian crystals vibration and power to entwine with yours, ready for you to take charge and ROAR.




Banish and break that Hex with a chunk of Thistle with all its prickles ready to ward off any negative bad juju and evil sent your way, paired with a little red hot Chilli, Angelica root and Black Obsidian full of fire and ready to burn away any negativity coming your way.




Light yet powerful this delightful vial is filled with a snippet from a Cinnamon quill, Pine and Wheat floating amongst crystals of Yellow Aventurine calling in on all of your abundance, luck and prosperity assisting you to break bad habits and bring forth growth, confidence and luck.




This vial is light and sweet filled with Rose petals the flower child of L.O.V.E. Cinnamon to help raise your spiritual vibration calling in on that self love and unconditional love floating about with Lavender for longevity and happiness. Finished off with Rose Quartz for forgiveness and Compassion this vial will help heal your heart chakra and heal your wound of forgiveness for self and others.


Spiritual Communication


Mugwort the superhero of this vial, known for its powerful sacred spirit and astral travel abilities it will help assist you levitate to all kinds of realms, with the help of Sweet Grass you'll be sure to attract and call upon any spirit you may desire to communicate with. Finished off with the amplifier of the crystal realm, Clear Quartz magnifying your powers by three.




White Sage the sacred purifier of the plant realm will help protect and clear away any stagnant negative energy that no longer serves you, with the help of Rosemary, Thistle, Angelica and Clove to lightly cover any door frame or handle protecting you tenfold. Finished off with the black belts of the crystal real, Black Obsidian and Hematite that'll have your back, all through the night.



A Mixture of tumbled crystals to use within your practice and rituals, within your bath and to carry with you calling upon thier healing powers.


And gifts of love & taste testers, affirmations, ritual work and spells included as my ThankYou for purchasing this whole package awaits you or that someone special.


Package Value over $ 555




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