Custom Made Wreath

Custom Made Wreath

No Botanical Goddess creation is every the same.


Why, you ask?


For two reasons:


One, being that each piece is made energetically using channelled messages and energy from the clients guides and Snezana's guides, as she works energetically through the vibrations and feelings whilst she creates each piece.


Two, each creation is its own, it has its own frequency, energy, character and vibration, made especially for you. What a divine gift in itself.


Prices start at $150 and the end result and price is something yourself and Snezana come to an agreement on.


Dependant on what size, material, botanicals and crystals are used for your creation. For more information and guidance, please feel free to email Snezana or select this option and select desired picture and add into comments and Snezana will contact you to start your very on creation.


Please select "Snezana Delivery" at checkout min delivery cost $25 fee - Thank you