Custom Made Ceremonial Smudge

Custom Made Ceremonial Smudge

Prices STARTING from $80.


There are a few unique special gifts from Mother Earth, the Sea and the Air gods and goddesses, that can be added to your unique bundle.


Please reach out and let’s discuss what you are looking for and needing, in your sacred bundle. Whether it be for a Wedding, Celebration, Ritual or Birthday.


Botanical Goddess smoke bundles are all grown from seed, to plant, to creation.


Each bundle is made up of a mixture of organically grown, pesticide, hormone free botanicals and herbs, grown here in Melbourne, Australia.


Ethically sourced with sustainability in mind and uniquely created especially for you which include some of the following:


White Sage










Garden Sage

Clary Sage




And seasonal flowers such as, paper daisy, hydrangea, thistle, roses, and so much more.


Each bundle can be naked or dressed and adorned with crystals, and mandalas at your request, by clicking and selecting this when you order, for a small fee.


Each creating in truly unique and can be further tailor-made to a need of the following:







Surprise me


Please specify when placing you order if you’d like a “specific” blend, so Snezana knows which intention to set when making your special bundle, and which herbs to use more of.


Notes can be added at checkout in “notes” section. Or Simply email Snezana here, after you’ve placed your order.


Handcrafted with the intention to assist and support you, amplifying your personal cleansing ritual, self and aura, through the sacredness of plant medicine, intuition and spiritual practices. Purifying you space and self, whilst bringing in sacred practices used for millennia with your very own tailor-made bundle. Powerfully charged ready to help you heal, offering support, love and guidance whenever you connect to it.


You’ll be able to draw on your delightful piece to cultivate love, protection and abundace whilst manifesting your dreams and desires into fruition.


Made with love. Wrapped with Intention. Sound bathed and blessed under the full moon raising its frequency, ready to intertwine with your energy once it reaches your little hands.


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