Botanical Deluxe Union

Botanical Deluxe Union

Have you felt the need for some ENERGY to shift? ⁣

Are you feeling STAGNANT & stuck in one place? ⁣

Are you needing CLARITY, LOVE or PROTECTION? ⁣

CONNECTING with your guides and mine, TOGETHER we’ll be able to create your very own SACRED smudge bundle, through an INTUITIVE card reading followed by a selection of herbs and botanicals that will be CUSTOM to you and only YOU. ⁣

A DETAILED in depth emailed report of the reading, energy and MESSAGES that come through, a crystal to two of choice and your very own SACRED SMUDGE to assist you through your JOURNEY ahead. ⁣

Handcrafted with the INTENTION to assist and SUPPORT you, AMPLIFYING your personal cleansing ritual, SELF and aura, through the sacredness of plant MEDICINE, intuition and spiritual practices. 


Purifying you space and self, whilst bringing in SACRED practices used for millennia with your very OWN tailor-made BUNDLE. 


POWERFULLY charged ready to help you heal, offering support, LOVE and GUIDANCE whenever you connect to it. ⁣

You’ll be able to draw on your delightful piece to cultivate LOVE, protection and ABUNDANCE whilst MANIFESTING your dreams and desires into FRUITION. ⁣

I’m pretty excited to offer this GIFT to you, and my spirits and guides have my back and YOURS, alongside your GUIDES and spirit animals. We are here ready and WILLING. ⁣

All herbs and botanicals grown from seed, to plant organically here in my own home and from my Mothers property in Olinda, Melbourne Australia. ⁣

Each plant has been nurtured, loved and harvest for no more than each bundle needs at that specific time. ⁣ ⁣


Made with LOVE ❤️⁣

Wrapped with INTENTION. 〰️⁣

Blessed and sound bathed raising each SACRED bundle’s energy and vibration, ready to be used when it reaches you.


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