Moon Gatherings

Moon Magic

For centuries, humans have stood in awe of the Moon, whichever phase she is in. 

She is beautiful, mysterious, and magical. 

New Moons represent new beginnings, time to let go and plant the seed so it can grow and come into fruition, as it creeps into the Full Moon. 

Full Moons represent growth, reaping rewards, and illuminating things to be dissolved that no longer serve your highest good.

Snezana had been using the moon for many aspects of her life, such as planting, harvesting, garden work, inner growth and shadow work, ceremonies, rituals and gatherings that all relate to the theme and are set around and on full moon and new moon which are powerful, informative and soul quenching. 

So why not use her powers with Snezana and an intimate gathering of like-minded souls and come along to the next gathering.

Yes Please
Half Full Moon