Intuitive Readings

Do you have a question or situation that's been on your mind, that needs further clarifying?

Is there something that you feel you'd like more guidance on.

Snezana connects to your guides and energy whilst performing an intuitive reading. As she connects to the energy around her, she’ll also connect to your energy vibrationally, through the cosmos in the ethers. 

Using her guides and yours, Snezana use of tarot and oracle cards offer clarification and receives messages that are for you at that certain time. Each message is for you specifically, and what you need to hear to move forward in your journey at that time, helping and guiding you. 

Snezana offers a few different readings, such as Intuitive, One Question Wonder and Moon Guidance. 

Connect with Snezana and select from a short and sweet reading, to an in depth reading or guidance on the next Full Moon or New Moon. 

A detailed report of the reading will be emailed to you, within 72hrs of the allocated time booked.