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About Snezana

As a young girl, Snezana was fascinated with design, energy and elements. Her wild imagination lead her to creating from an early age. ‘Botanical Goddess’ was simply created whilst Snezana was foraging in her garden one sunny summer’s afternoon. This moment in time was pivotal, Snezana knew, deep in her heart her wisdom and knowledge was to be shared, her journey has led her to a path of self-discovery and inquiry.

A lover of all things Art and a true seeker of knowledge, whether it will be through conversation, books or study, Snezana thrives on learning with a deep passion. Snezana feels most relaxed and very much at home when creating. If not creating, you most likely find her tending to her to beloved medicinal plants in her humble garden. Sharing her passion and knowledge with others is what she enjoys most! Snezana’s energy radiates and shines through, her vibration draws you in and fills your aura, soul and mind with powerful knowledge, wonder and keeps you wanting more.

“What is done in love is done well”

Vincent Van Goh

Snezana is fortunate to have an abundant access to organically grown produce in her own humble garden and also her mother’s property in Olinda, Melbourne, Australia. All handcrafted botanical creations are made by Snezana’s loving hands, ethically sourced, grown and nurtured from seed, wrapped with love, sealed with intention and blessed and sound bathed under the Full Moon, setting the vibration and frequency of each unique piece, ready to entwine with your mind, body and soul.

Snezana is grateful she can bring Botanical Goddess into your home for your next smudging ceremony, for healing within, as a gift or simply as decoration. She hopes you love the products as much as she loved creating each and every one of them.


To educate and share her passion and knowledge in Shamanic and Old Worldly modalities with like-minded souls and benefit from her offerings. To bring Botanical Goddess healing tools in homes to use in their day to day lives, special rituals or ceremony.


Botanical Weaver

Plant Spirit Whisper

Intuitive Reader 

Reiki Master










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Moon Gatherings

​Snezana's love for the moon, sun, planetary movements and themes dates back to her early childhood. Snezana's knowledge and understanding of these aspects, and how to use them is powerful and easy to understand, as she breaks things down into segments for anyone to understand.

Her gatherings are full of magic, knowledge and wonder, and will keep you in awe throughout the whole evening. You walk away feeling empowered and energised, with your own booklet to take home to use throughout the moon cycle and phase. 

Read what some have said so about Snezana and her gatherings here.

Want to be part of one, find out next dates here.  

Smoke off air and fire of earth, bless a

"Let the smoke carry away your worries and heal you from within"

Snezana Radosavljev

  • Dec 13, 2020, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM GMT+11
    Holly Cottage , Olinda VIC 3788, Australia
    Come and explore Nature, Plant Spirit and Yourself in Ceremony and Ritual with Snezana. In Sound, Plant Ally and Energetic Healing
Image by Daiga Ellaby

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