Explore. Forage. Create

Unique Experiance

The whole process of harvesting botanicals is precious, and the act of smudging is such a sacred ritual, that respect, deep appreciation and understanding for them both should be valued and honoured. 

As Snezana takes you on a journey of her understanding of plant spirits, botanicals, plant medicine you'll be able to, create a healing tool of your very own.

This experience is unique and one of a kind to Botanical Goddess, and an adventure in itself. Snezana’s plant spirit knowledge and experience touches on Shamanic and Old Worldly ways, where she uses self-taught and Shamanic practices to guide you throughout the day. 

Whilst you are being immersed in plant spirit, fauna and wonder, as you are foraging for your own plant medicine, enjoying a glass of wine or tea, light refreshments will be served in the break where you'll be able to connect with like minded others. In the afternoon Snezana will take you through each plants use, powers and meaning. By the end of the day, you get to create your very own unique tailor made, sacred smudge bundle or two, to take home with you and use for your journey along the way. 

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